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Check out Midnight and her sister Faith (they''re a bonded pair!) on Waggle''s Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/waggletv/videos/1858921757455663/ and https://www.facebook.com/waggletv/videos/1858938480787324/
Check out Faith and her sister Midnight (they''re a bonded pair!) on Waggle''s Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/waggletv/videos/1858921757455663/ and https://www.facebook.com/waggletv/videos/1858938480787324/
A volunteer writes: Coco loves to explore, whether that means investigating a toy tunnel or jumping up on the highest points of his playpen (whether that means plastic house or a volunteer''s knee) to stand up on his hind legs and sniff the air with a purpose. Coco also has a lot of energy and needs a home where he''ll have space to run around and plenty of toys to keep him occupied, especially...
A volunteer writes: Foo Foo is a friendly and cute ball of energy curious about the world around her. In the playpen, she spends a lot of time climbing up on objects, trying to get as tall as she can to see what''s going on. Foo Foo is so small that this isn''t always terribly effective, but she''s trying her best!
A volunteer writes: Lola is a big sweetie. She''s social and gets very excited when someone comes over to her cage to say hello (even more exciting if they''re bringing greens.) Lola likes to hop and frolic, and also enjoys smushing down for some petting from her human friends.
We currently have many male and female dwarf hamsters in a variety of colors available for adoption. They're adoption charge is $5 each. If you are interested in adopting a dwarf hamster, please call now or visit our Windsor Terrace location. Sean Casey Animal Rescue 153 East third Street Brooklyn, NY 11218 718-436-XXXX XXXX@yahoo.com
Jack was surrendered to us due to allergies, and as we soon found out, being bullied by another male guineapig named Rocky. Their former guardian had two females as well, and although housed separately from the boys, the cages were so close to each other that the boys fought almost all the time, likely over the ladies themselves. Jack would always be the 1 at a loss, getting his fur pulled, bei...
Moko & Blanca are a bonded pair that must be adopted together. Blanca is a spayed female and Moko is a neutered male. They are currently living with dogs, cats and kids and are comfortable being around all. They are being fostered in NJ, we are considering adopters in NYC, NJ, L.I They will be re-homed with their large shared cage and accessories. Their diet is as follows... Type or brand(s) gi...
Hello there! I am looking to adopt two rex dumbo eared males, any age as long as they are sweet rats is fine by me. I am willing to travel up to an hour out of the city, but someone in the 5 boroughs will obviously be much better. Please email me at liana153@gmail.com if you have any available! Thank you!
1 year old baby girl named Luna. She is extremely playful and lovable. Has all of her up to date shots, is fixed and also has had her glands removed. Unfortunately I will be moving and where i'll be doesn't allow ferrets.
A volunteer writes: Charlie is a medium-to-large black bunny with a very gentle personality. This guy, although he''s a sturdy boy with a big head, tends to be a little insecure or tense. He loves to be petted, though, especially enjoying having his head and ears stroked. This lovable, sensitive rabbit would probably make a nice partner for another bunny. Charlie''s looks suggest he may be a ra...
A volunteer writes: Cha Cha is a medium-to-large English Spot mixture female. This girl has it all--looks, personality, and sweetness. She''s fun to look at, with black markings that include a big Groucho Marx mustache, black and white whiskers, a large dewlap, and extra pouches of tissue and fur above her front feet. She''s very alert and high-energy, but she also loves to be petted, and reall...
Reggie, Truman, Keith and Jared are looking for their forever homes and families. Timid at 1st, the boys needed a little time to adjust to their new environment, out of cage playtime routine, as well as the presence of other animals in their new foster home. Of course, they all did this at their own speeds. Reggie (brown & white), the ever alluring Alpha male, was the 1st to greet his new foste...
Mogwai and Horatio are the cutest bonded pair. We need them to be rehomed together. The adoption payment for both will be $30. If interested please fill out an application and we will be in contact. Rehome byhttp://www.adoptapet.com & The Petco Foundation have asked the bunnies owner to help answer some common questions adopters have. Below you will find honest answers from the owner who loves ...
Darkwing is a shy bunny looking for his forever human. Empty Cages Collective took him in after a plea from the city's shelter where he was not thriving. This poor boy must have been scared out of his mind by all the noises and commotion happening there, so much so that he became withdrawn and unsocial. His 1st day with us, he hid a lot, and wasn t comfortable coming out of his cage for a run a...
A volunteer writes: Cosmo is a classic, medium-sized black and white Dutch and a real gentleman! This attractive guy loves to run, play and binky, but will also settle down for a round of pets with his human. A volunteer writes: Cosmo is a very mellow bun with an air of sophistication yet not above crawling into your lap for some one-on-one cuddles. Given his temperament, we believe he would al...
A volunteer writes: Many of the volunteers routinely refer to marvelous Moon Knight as a `puppy.` That''s because he has some obvious puppy-like traits - he''s friendly, playful, curious and very energetic. Moon Knight loves getting out in the play pen to stretch his legs, play and binky galore. He is outgoing and enjoys hanging out with human friends - especially if they have some greens to sh...
A volunteer srites: Gena is a medium-sized black and white English Spot mixture. This girl is very dear -- she''s fairly reserved and even a bit wary around people, but if you approach her calmly and gently, she''ll love having her head stroked. Gena is quite striking looking, with jet black ears and eye rings, a broken line of black fur down her back, and 3 small dots that form a funny mustach...
A volunteer writes: Here''s all you need to know about the heart-meltingly adorable Alpha. When most bunnies come out into the shelter playpen, the 1st thing they do is scamper around a bit to stretch their legs. Alpha, on the other hand, came over and laid his head right in my lap, relaxing more and more as I pet him. Of course, Alpha did hop around to stretch his legs eventually, but this lov...
A volunteer writes: Gorf is a dwarf white bunny with orange markings. This guy is on the young side, but he''s obviously been through a lot in his short life. He arrived at the shelter with a piece of his ear missing, what appears to be a healed wound on his nose, and a very scruffy coat. Poor little Gorf! The great news is that he appears to be quite healthy -- he''s very curious and alert and...
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